Waterproof W2 Wetsuit

Waterproof’s W2 5mm Wetsuit


I tend to get cold very easily while diving so once the waters started cooling off, I knew I needed to buy a thicker wetsuit.  On the suggestion of a friend I went to check out Waterproof’s 5mm W2 Wetsuit at Kadena Marina’s Scuba Locker.  I was a little bit hesitant about the purchase because this was the first time I’d actually seen Waterproof products in  a store.  Also, I hadn’t done any pre-purchase research so I didn’t know how other divers reviewed the company’s customer service or their products (yep, I’m one of those people that obsessively researches dive products before buying).  However, once I slipped into the suit and zipped it up in the fitting room I was instantly sold.  I’ve dived with it for about 10 times now and I’m still thoroughly satisfied.


Stretch Panels in Suit Help Provide a Snug Fit


One of the best features for the W2 is that it is molded to provide a snug fit, a feature that is always important when buying a wetsuit.   The neck, wrist, and ankle seals are tight fitting and this helps keep cold water from entering into the suit.  I have never once felt a rush of cold water entering the suit due to loose seals or areas where the stitching was weak.  The overall fit of the wetsuit is also perfectly designed in all the right places with no extra material in the armpits, bust, or crotch.  I have a smaller figure and size small fits me fantastically.  Likewise, my good friend who owns a medium is a bit more curvaceous than me and she loves the suit as well.  There are some stretch panels within the suit which makes it great for all body types and it’s ideal for cutting down on excessive water movement inside the suit.  Unlike other wetsuits that are snug fitting, the W2 has great flexibility in the elbows and knees.  I did not feel like Randy in A Christmas Story:



The W2 comes lined with Hexter material.  According to Waterproof’s website, this linning is supposed to “slow down the water movement in the suit” while also being “extremely comfortable”.  I tried to do some further research into what exactly Hexter material was composed of but wasn’t able to uncover anything.  From my own personal experience, I will say that my 7mm W2 Wetsuit is extremely warm and the material on the inside is quite comfortable.  When compared to my Aqua Flex Jumpsuit by Aqualung, the W2 is a little more challenging to put on but the superior warmth makes it worthwhile.


Hexter Lining


For those we find themselves resting on their knees when diving (for example: instructing students or taking pictures), the W2 comes with heavy duty knee guards.  I’ve had my fair share of run-ins with the broken coral and rocks at the Ark Dive and my suit has been unscathed thus far.  If I had been wearing my Aqua Flex, it would definitely be showing signs of wear and tear at this point….also, my knees might be a bit bruised.


 Heavy Duty Knee Pads


There are several other features I appreciate about the W2.  First, the non-slip material provided on the forearms and shoulders.  I can use my wrist mounted dive computer and not worry about it wiggling off during the dive.  The non-slip material on the shoulder also works nicely to hold my BCD in place.  There is also ample padding in the elbows  and shoulders along with a very nice spine pad (10mm thick according to Waterproof’s website).


Overall Assessment

Waterproof’s W2 wetsuit is great and I highly recommend it to fellow divers.  Compared to other wetsuits I’ve tried (Aqualung, Pinacle, and ScubaPro), Waterproof ranks highest on the list.  The price of a new W2 is not for the faint of heart (about $100 more than other suits) but the quality is far superior.  I can honestly say that my Waterproof W2 5mm Wetsuit gives about the same protection as my Aqualung Aqua Flex 7mm Wetsuit.  If I buy another wetsuit in the future (as my others wear out), I will definitely look into getting one made by Waterproof as my first choice.