A Curious Discovery

My toe still needed to heal up a bit more so I didn’t want to make any crazy entries where I could potentially stub it.  Because of this, Jason and I returned to The Water Treatment Plant for a fun dive.  We spotted a few nudibranchs and it wasn’t until I got home that I noticed something really cool in one of my photos.


I finally managed to get a decent photo of a Aegires citrinus nudibranch – no overexposure!  I did this by reducing my camera’s exposure value using the flash.  It only took me about 10 dives to figure this out….wow….I’m a slow learner.  I suppose I could read a book about all this stuff but I understand things better through practical application.  I’m too busy to read a book anyways…


Aegires Citrinus Nudibranch


We kicked to the north and I noticed two Reef Lizardfish resting on a ledge.  Sometimes these fish will let you get close and at other times they will swim off when you’re still pretty far away.  Thankfully, these two little guys allowed me to get within a few feet to get a good look.


Reef Lizardfish


Although the Aldisa albatrossae nudibranch is uncommon in Okinawa, I’ve had great luck finding them along the seawall.  Normally I see them in water that’s about 30-45 feet in depth.  On this dive with Jason, I spotted another and we both took some photos of it.


Aldisa Albatrossae Nudibranch


Cadlinella Ornatissima Nudibranch Laying Eggs


I noticed a Cadlinella ornatissima nudibranch clinging to the side of a rock and pointed it out to Jason.  We snapped a few photos each and I didn’t think much of it until I returned home and started browsing through the pictures on my camera.  As I looked at the below picture, I noticed the circle of white dots beneath the nudibranch.  I vaguely remembered reading about nudibranchs laying eggs similar to what I saw in the picture so I searched online for more information.  Many of the pictures and information I came across displayed nudibranchs laying eggs in a upward spiral like the below photo I took on 23 May 2012.  When I visited this site, http://www.asnailsodyssey.com/LEARNABOUT/NUDIBRANCH/nudiEgg.php, I saw a small blurb about several types of nudibranchs laying their eggs in a flat spiral. Sweet, I found my answer.  The website listed above offers lots of great information so I highly recommend you check it out if you want to learn more.


Upright Spiral Of Nudibranch Eggs


Because I’ve only seen the Hypselodoris muculosa nudibranch perhaps 2 times prior to this dive, I was really pumped when I spotted one on the underside of a rock.  The neat thing about finding this guy was that he was only a few feet away from the cadlinella ornatissima I had seen earlier.  Jason and I rotated between the two nudibranchs to get all the photos we wanted.  In my experience, Hypselodoris muculosa nudibranchs are pretty tiny so I haven’t been able to get really good photos in the past.  Today was a bit different and although the rhinophores didn’t come into focus I am still really pleased with the pictures.


Hypselodoris Maculosa Nudibranch


Hypselodoris Maculosa Nudibranch


Tambja Morosa Nudibranch


For the above photo, I asked for fellow divers to offer up captions.  Here’s what we came up with:

“Nudibranch version of a face-palm.” – Me

“I know I burried that thing around here somewhere.” – Josh Milligan

“Look at my sweet new wetsuit! Only 3 mil!” – Gil Jensen

 ‎”I was pretending to be Free Willy, but I landed on this rock instead of clearing it” – Erica Morris    **My personal favorite…Free Willy Epic Fail**

“Was it a left or a right at Trafalgar to get to the Royal wedding?” – Robert Lindenzweig

‎”Damn windy today!” – Bradley Worland


Hypselodoris Bullocki Nudibranch

As we neared the end of the dive we saw a\ tasseled nudibranch but it wasn’t very well camoflauged.  I was thinking to myself, “Dude, you’re not fooling anyone!”  Oh well…whatever.


Tasseled Scorpionfish


Right before exiting at the wide steps at the southern-most part of the Sunabe Seawall, I noticed a pipefish swimming in some rocks.  Because I still had some air in my tank, I descended down just a few feet and tried to get some photos.  These pipefish are very prevelant around the steps but I haven’t noticed them in many other areas.  These fish are also pretty laid back so getting photos of them isn’t too tough.


Network Pipefish


Close-Up Of A Network Pipefish