Joshua and George Get Certified!

I just finished teaching two really cool students.  Read on about our experiences….


George and Joshua are probably two of the most easy-going students I’ve ever had.  Despite numerous cancellations due to inclement weather, they remained pumped to get their certifications and did a fantastic job throughout the course.


Joshua Waving to the Camera


After completing our classroom sessions, Joshua and George were pumped about getting into the pool to learn their skills.  George was an instant master at achieving neutral buoyancy and hovering in the pool.  Joshua displayed the most awesome “Robot Dance” I’ve ever seen underwater.  In fact, he’s the only student I’ve ever had do the ‘Robot Dance” underwater.  I brought my camera into the pool and managed to get some good photos and videos of them in action.  Enjoy!



Having Fun in the Pool


George Hovering


After several weekends of bad weather, we finally got some good days where we were able to complete the open water training.  Even though it’d been a few weeks since our pool sessions, Joshua and George looked completely comfortable in the water.


While making a dive with Joshua at Sunabe Steps, we came across multiple anemone fish and we even saw an octopus hiding amongst some coral.  Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera with me so no pictures were taken.  Bummer!  I made sure not to make this mistake the next time we went out into the water and my students snapped a few photos after completing our skills for each dive.


George Having Fun in the Ocean


George exploring Sunabe Steps


Joshua Relaxing After Completing His Skills


Great job to both Joshua and George!  Have fun diving in the future!